CA Program is tough Truth or Myth: CA Prakhar Saboo

BASICS: How does it feel to be CA as it is one of the most respected professions?

Prakhar: Well, the feeling of being called as a Chartered Accountant cannot be expressed in words. There is no doubt in saying that it is one of the most reputed and respectable professional course. It gives you a complete and holistic knowledge of various fields of the economy, including finance, accounting and taxation. I feel truly blessed to have a Certification that not only gives me recognition but also respect in my professional and social circles.

I personally feel that it is very easy to become a Chartered Accountant because the difficulty in true sense arises when it comes to maintaining the “status” of CA. With “status” I want to throw the light upon the situations you see after becoming a Chartered Accountant. The whole society will see you as a different person who possesses good knowledge in his field. One needs to be very updated about the audit, taxation, financial etc. matters. Then only one maintain its status and dignity. In short what is respected is the Knowledge you possess and not the prefix which is added to your name.

BASICS: In this whole journey of becoming a Chartered Accountant whose your inspiration, who inspired you the most?

Prakhar: In my professional as well as personal life, I have understood the importance of having a mentor. A mentor can be anyone – your father or mother, your teacher, your friend, your guru or perhaps an unknown person who inspired you with his life. Having a mentor gives you an important perspective because, at every stage of life, you are guided and shown the right path.

Who is a Chartered Accountant?

Why should I join CA course?

And many more questions came to my mind……………

When I started my journey I was not much aware of CA Profession. My father Mr Pradeepji Saboo showered me with the importance of Chartered Accountant, the value of CA Profession. Whatever I am, where I will be, it is because of the efforts of my Father and Mother. They are the real inspirations of my life.

BASICS: What was your study pattern/strategy that you followed throughout the CA Scheme that you would like to share with CA aspirants?

Prakhar: Being a Science Student I was very worried about this course.“How will I crack the Exams”, this line was like a horror movie for me. But a dream is a dream and I kept only one thing in my mind that I have to clear this in one shot. This helped me build my confidence. With this objective, I devoted myself to studies, paying sincere attention, no distraction and see the result is in front of you.

For the preparation of CA course I had followed just 4 things:

  • Study sincerely.
  • Hours are not counted but quality does.
  • Smart work with short notes.
  • Created my own techniques for Revision.

BASICS: How did you overcome the stress and fear of failure as everyone knows that CA course may require attempts?

Prakhar: Hype is created by many people that it takes many attempts to crack the CA exams. But the real fact is that if you give your best efforts for exams, no one can stop you from cracking it. It depends on you how you tackle it and adapt yourself to any situations.

Many CA students do hard work but they do not do smart studies. As I said earlier Smart and Quality work pays off and not the number of hours you study. A disciplined schedule & smart tactics are required along with hard work. If one sticks to it, that person will never fail.

BASICS: What is the important thing that a student should keep in mind while attempting the exams?

Prakhar: I had heard it a long time back-“Confidence boosts everything”. I applied it in my life thinking it Confidence will help me in succeeding. So while attempting the exams, I used to have full confidence in myself thinking that I know everything. I am prepared for any type of questions. I can answer anything. This helped me release my stress and was able to focus perfectly on exams.

BASICS: How did you manage your CA Final studies along with your articleship?

Prakhar: This is one of the most common question that comes in the mind of CA Aspirants.
Articleship is the most important part of the CA course. It gives you thorough practical knowledge which also helps you in cracking the exams. I won’t say this as managing, I would rather call it as practical exam taken in college. It is as simple as attending college practical with other lectures.

BASICS:  Is coaching important?

Prakhar: It is not necessary that one should do coaching to crack the exam. In earlier times there was no system of coaching, still, the number of well-known CAs came out. So one should not be dependent on Coaching.

BASICS: Do you advocate studying for long hours?

Prakhar: As I mentioned earlier, I don’t suggest studying for long hours, rather I say study smartly and qualitatively. Sitting for 20 hours and understanding nothing does not pay off. Infact if you study smartly, things would be easier to understand and in less number of hours.

BASICS: CA programme is tough. Truth or myth?
Prakhar: It’s a Myth. Well, I would say it depends on person to person. If you don’t give your sincere efforts to it, Its tough for you. And if you do hard work and get devoted for it, no one can stop you.
The choice is yours and the see the Miracle!

BASICS: What is the importance of CA articleship?

CA Articleship is the “Backbone” of CA Curriculum Course.  The articleship programme of 3 years is mandate by CA Institute helps to gain practical knowledge. The CA Course is designed in such a manner that it provides the exposure of practical application from basics which helps people during their whole life.

Theoretical or practical knowledge alone cannot make you a perfect professional. Both should go hand in hand to acquire the qualities and intellectual skills of a professional.

If one is really dedicated about completing the Chartered Accountancy course in its true spirit, one can’t afford to play with those three years of Articleship Training under any cost.

Even, I am really against the concept of “DUMMY ARTICLESHIP”. This is degrading the respect of our CA Professional. I appeal to all the CA Aspirant to do article ship honestly and learn as much you can. This will really help you a lot in you CA exams.

One can understand the real value/importance of articleship only after becoming CA.

BASICS: Live Classes v/s Satellite classes?

Prakhar: I do not promote satellite classes. Its disadvantages are more than its advantages. From the feedback of many CA aspirants, I came out with this conclusion.

Hence, I want to only share the advantages of Live Classes:-

  • The students would be more attentive
  • Interaction with students and teacher
  • One can ask query to teacher
  • Punctuality
  • Fear of Study
  • Revision
  • Arrange Test programme
  • Interaction with other students
  • Hand-made Notes (Self-notes)

BASICS: Any special tips/suggestion that you want to share with CA aspirants?

Prakhar: Do hard work to crack the exam.  It’s my sincere request to the entire CA aspirant to do articleship honestly. Acquire practical knowledge during the articleship period as much as you can and apply the practical knowledge in your studies.
I understand that we all have to manage our Tutions, Self-study, College, Additional Certificate Courses, Friends, Family, Relatives, Dating, Outings, Occasions, Festivals and the most important of all – Social Networking (Facebook, Whats App, BBM, Twitter and the list goes on).
Here we need to be decisive, make a choice and work on our priorities.
Everyone has got the same 24 hours in a day. Its all about priorities. One life, one career! Don’t compromise with it. Its a matter of just 5 years and after that a king size life is waiting for the next 35-40 years. Isn’t it worth it?
Shouldn’t we hedge our professional life and social status for next 35-40 years by exposing ourselves to principal risk for the next 5 years in the CA Course?

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