Kunal Chandiramani - the youngest entrepreneur of Bhopal

Kunal Chandiramani – The Youngest Entrepreneur of Bhopal

You might be thinking that why Kunal is getting the special mention? Everyone studies in school so what is so different about him? He might be studying some important laws of physics at this young age. And might be a bit worried about the subject which he would have to choose after 10th standard.

In the age when most of the kids spend most of their time studying and playing, Kunal finds something interesting to devote his time to. Rather than playing outside coding was something which excites him. At such a young age Kunal started web development and develops his interest in it. He says he enjoys every second that he spends while coding.

At the age of 15, Kunal Chandiramani is one of the youngest entrepreneurs a TEDx speaker as well. He is also a great speaker and an inspiration for millions of young minds.

Kunal Chandiramani, the youngest entrepreneur in bhopal
TEDx Speaker

Kunal Chandiramani at the age of 15, is the founder of two great startups named KStar & Compacademy. He has not only just started his 2 companies in Bhopal but he also made them quite successful, he is also a team member of Google’s AI (Developer community programme for Actions on google).

He has great experience in the field of computer hacking. And has won the first rank in it at IIT Bombay. At such a young age he is pro at Machine learning and AI.

Kunal Chandiramani
Kunal Chandiramani

He has spoken at TEDx, Prestige Institute of management and research as well as gave a number of interviews. Those were featured in a number of newspapers in city circulation and was also features on television at HBTV Yuva (youth) around the state.

Success Mantra

There is no such thing as failure, it is only the experience. It is the thing that makes us good at doing something. He started thinking about the problems when he was just 8 years old. And then he involved himself in finding the solutions to solve these problems at such a young age.

While other kids of his age admire Sachin, Dhoni, and Shahrukh, Kunal Chandiramani admires and gets inspired by Jeff Basso, Nick Bostrom, and Elon Musk and for sure our own missile man, APJ Abdul Kalam.  According to Kunal, motivation comes from questioning everything, just being curious and feel free to ask how, why and ask questions.

“Don’t look for motivation outside, look for motivation inside. Because when the motivation inside is zero even if the motivation outside is hundred, zero multiplies with hundred becomes zero. But when the motivation inside is two and motivation outside is hundred, two multiplied by fifty, it becomes hundred.”

The Youngest Entrepreneur of Bhopal
Interview in Newspaper

He believes that there is no age to start a start-up or to become an entrepreneur, whenever you feel like there’s a problem which needs to be solved, and you think you can solve, just go for it. A  young age is the perfect incubating time for almost all kinds of startups.

As you have a kind of financial support from your parents. And a failure at this level is something more like a well-structured experience for the upcoming arena. He also insists to share your ideas with not only prospective clients but also with someone who has no idea at all to get insights about how he/she perceives it. Because if you can explain something to a complete newbie then, you know what you are chasing, you know what you want to deliver.

1st Start-up: CompAcademy

He started CompAcademy in October 2015 at the age of 12. CompAcademy involves the implementation of gamification within the process of learning. Starting with computers to target every walk of life, small as well as big and orthodox way of learning. He wants to change the way we learn at school. According to him, School is not creating students but Robots, self-programmed Robots, with lot less creative minds.

entrepreneur in Bhopal

He says that addiction towards learning is the mission and as the vision might possibly decide it how you define the vision at the shortest of length. I enjoyed developing everything and now I myself use it to learn from the lessons people post onto my very own website. Check out more at Compacademy

2nd Start-up: KStar

He started KStar in November 2016. This is a startup which is setting a new standard in the industry of boosting productivity and help raise profits for local shop owners and craftsmen. In the form of a web-based application as well as an android application. Implemented easy to use payment gateways so the shopkeepers could now easily integrate and even accept payments.

He is also a great speaker and he loves speaking.  He says  “I am really good with speaking, he actually loves speaking. Give me a mic and a stage or any place to speak, and I will go on and on without even checking the time on my watch, I only stop, when any of the coordinators informs me to stop”.

Achievements of Kunal Chandiramani :

  1. First prize in Website Development at Inter-State school Techfest.
  2. He loves to speak and has spoken at a number of places like TedX, KeyNote, IECCI seminar on IPR in ICT.
  3. Member of Google developer community AI.
  4. Founder of 2 startups.
  5. At Sophrosyne, A national level event organized by Billabong High school, he won several trophies in coding, programming, and animation.
  6. First prize along with his school team in Cyber-security competition organized by IIT Bombay.
  7. Honorary advisor at KKEL

He is currently studying in class 10th and is preparing for his 10th boards just like a normal kid along with all his achievements, from Billabong High School, Bhopal. He is the son of the blessed parent, Mrs. Sanya Chandiramani and Mr. Naresh Chandiramani. And happily, he is an elder brother of her sister, Harshita Chandiramani.experience and work. And he is a TEDx speaker, Keynote speaker, Founder/CEO at KStar and CompAcademy, 15-year-old Innovator, Cognitive dev, Honary advisor at KKEL.

Kunal Chandiramani has proved that there is no age to start a successful startup and become an entrepreneur. He is redefining the formula of success. There are no such qualifications are required to become a successful entrepreneur. You just need to be a good observer and a desire to solve the problems that are existing.

Today he is an inspiration for millions of youth out there and he is constantly focusing on solving more and more problems to make peoples life easier.

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